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Its Very Simple. Our Clients Help Us Grow, We Return The LOVE!!

So, When You Book a Project With us or One of Our Contractors, You get a 5% Cash Back Bonus of Gross amount of the next 3 Consecutive Jobs that We Close-up to $500.00 per Job!!


Great Workmanship and Service

Put Our 25+ Years of Remodeling Experience to Work for You..Great Product, Excellent Service!!


Book A Zoom

Great Grand Pa's Would Take 2 Weeks to Come out...No Need lets Book a Zoom call, Get Price, Answers, Product Information Right Away!!


Team Mates!!

Clients are the Secret to our Deserve Appreciation.

R.Gen finance landing page

Innovation is One of Our key to Success

Not much has Changed in the Home Services Industry in the last 100 Years.

We are changing that. We know your are busy. the last Thing You Need is to sit around for a Contractor Who may or may not show up. lets get on a Zoom chat, we will help you get Answers to your Questions. on the chat you can show us Your Projects. we'll go over what You would like done, Then We'll make a few Recommendations and give you Pricing.

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R.Gen finance landing page

Powerfull Client Dashboard

You Will Love our easy to use Client Dashboard.

Stay in Know with our easy to use client Dashboard. Simply Signin and See Your Progress Report. let us know any changes or additions You would like or chat us live, All from one place!! it's Secure add others, see Important Files!!

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Get Cash Back

Get 5% Cash Back not on just one Job but on our next 3 Consective Jobs.

Ok, Say you hire us to replace 5 windows in your home. As soon as you sign the Contract that puts you in line to get a 5% Cash Reward from our next 3 Jobs. so job #1 may be a deck repair Job. #2 May be new siding for Homeowner . #3 May be a new roof, you get back 5% Cash reward up to $500.00 for each of those jobs. talk about a Win-Win.

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Our Achievements

We Know it Takes a Team Effort, Thats Why We Partner with some of the best Contractors in the Bussiness.


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Years of Remodeling Experience


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